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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

George the Dinosaur Makes His Meeter

Oh the horror! To be choked to death on live TV by Bush Baby himself! "Give us your oil! Give us your Oil!!!!"

Ow!!! Let me go!! Du bist ein dumkopf Kowboi !!! When I want a massage, I'll send you a Strudel !!!

Stoopid = 10
Funny = 3

SF = 13


Sunday, July 16, 2006

George the Dinosaur meets his maker


George is seen in his last moments on earth as 2 vicious creatures prepare to disembowel him.

George: You know not what you do! I am a peace loving Dinosaur. I only eat leaves.

Thadius Maximus: We will tear you limb from limb for your crimes against the state! (gorzirra sounds... electric power tool sounds eminate from the mouth of Thadius...)

Montielo Maximus: Yeah, heh heh. We will kick you with our unusually double jointed 2nd knee joints and it will hurt! Bad!

George: Oh Father who art in Dinoheaven, hallowed be thy name. Please forgive these LOSERS for they have single digit IQ's and mis-shapen feet. I have done your bidding and am prepared for complete and total "blunt force trauma".

-cut to George montage-

Tune in next time to find out: Is George a CIA operative? Will he ever get that large grey mass out of his mouth? Does he agree with the policies of the current police state?

Fade out to George's theme music...

Toothy the Teradactyl

When I was a kid my mom would make cheese omlettes from time to time. They would be simple, just eggs and cheese, hence the aforementioned title of the dish. Sometimes the eggs would get a foamy yellow brown look from mixing in milk or whatever and overcooking them.

Imagine my horror when she served this to me on a plate...

This menacing creature will gum you to death since his dentist appears to be of the opinion that flimsy rubber spikes make good teeth.

Stupid Rating = 10.
Funny Rating = 10.

SF = 20!


New Low Mileage Tires for SUV's!!!

From the SF News Center. This just in:

A major tire manufacturer announced today the release of an amazing new tire that allows SUV's to get low mileage. According to Ken Shankenheffer, Product Manager, "This new tire will save a lot of gas! It also appears to help people who suffer from car sickness". The tire is available through all major distributors.

The Disproportionate Red Dinosaur

Another great toy from the geniuses at work in the great corporation of China. This is an excellent example of a thalidomide baby dinosaur in stunning fire engine red! It appears to be made of some sort of foamy mystery substance and isn't very rubbery. It smells like chemicals and if you burned it, you'd probably get lung cancer. Poor thing can't seem to reach it's food with its stubby little arms. Good thing they made the feet correctly. I think the ratio is Foot Length = Head Diameter times FIFTY!

Stoopid Rating = 10.
Funny Rating = 7.

SF = 17.


The Frog Frisbee

What happens when you take a frog and a frisbee and run over them with a Hummer? You get this "toy", made in China, of course. It has that extra soft rubbery stretchy stuff for good tactile control and has the aerodynamics of a piece of soap (a flattenened frog shaped piece of soap). This is more like a weapon than a toy.

Stoopid Rating: 10.
Funny Rating: 10.

SF = 20 !!!


(p.s. Weird, sick feeling develops from looking at it too much)

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